Study Path Options Messaging: Default Messages


Messaging defaults are located within the study path option's messaging tab. By default, you are provided with six different default messages. These messages are used to provide information, directions, and prompt students for next steps as they use EdReady.


Editing and Previewing Default Messaging

You can easily edit and deactivate any of the default messages that appear. Doing so will further customize your students' EdReady experience. To edit any of the default messages within a particular scope, click on the edit link in the far right column. This will take you to a screen where you can inactivate the message and customize it with HTML.


You can also preview the message at any time. To do this, go to the previous screen where you can view all of the default messages. Under the edit button on the right side of any table you will see the preview button. Clicking the preview button will then bring up the exact dialogue box that students will see within EdReady.


Each of the customizable default messages will appear in different places for the student. Below is a table that details all of the provided default messages and where they appear for students. 




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