I downloaded the Algebra files but some items are missing or don't work.

The Algebra media files are large -- between 1.5 and 2 GB. While they are definitely easiest to work with in this format because all the media files are in one place and most LMSes handle them well that way, they are much more prone to data loss and corruption.

To help remedy this situation, we do have smaller files available. We split each semester into two parts, so there are 4 separate files to download -- and reassemble.

The best way to avoid the problem and still use the large files is to try the following "best practices" for downloading extra large files:

  • find a time that is quiet on the network
  • be sure there are no file size limitations imposed by your system administrator
  • don't download these files to a FAT32 file sure the local computer to which you are downloading is on the NTFS file system.
  • make sure your local system has plenty of disk space
  • don't run other applications at the same time
  • check your resulting file size against the file sizes listed in the download instructions, and try again if they don't match.

Pleae submit a support ticket if you have checked all these, and are still experiencing problems.

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