Maintenance Plan for NROC Math Courses

We conduct pilots before releasing our courses, so they have been used in actual classroom situations. This helps us to find and fix content errors before the courses are released for member use.

If you notice a problem in a course, please contact your institution's NROC admin team. They can submit a support ticket and we'll give the matter our attention within a few days.

Most issues requiring SME review are handled within 2 weeks. In some cases, the issue requires a long term fix, in which case it will go into a queue for review and may not be actively updated in the course until the next release.

We will maintain communication with the person reporting the issue until the issue is reviewed and resolved. If you have reported an issue to your institution's NROC admin team and have not seen a change in the course after 2 weeks, we encourage you to connect with the team to see if they have heard back from us.


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