Default Grading Scheme for Quizzes

In most LMSes, the grading scheme will be determined by settings within the LMS when the course is installed, or by individual instructors when they set up their course sections. However, because of the way Moodle imports courses, we must set some defaults when we create the Moodle-compatible exports. These settings do not reflect the way we believe you "should" grade, but are recommended by our SMEs during development. Instructors can change these settings to suit their particular use cases.

In Moodle, click on any quiz, then click the "Update this Quiz" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

You will see the quiz settings page, where the following sections determine how the quiz is displayed, whether multiple attempts are allowed, and how the scores are calculated:



The default settings are:

  • quiz is available at all times
  • there is no time limit to complete the quiz
  • all questions display on the same page (no pagination)
  • order of questions is consistent
  • possible answers are shuffled so each student sees them in a different order
  • one attempt at the quiz is allowed
  • on a wrong answer, the student sees feedback (but not the right answer) and may re-attempt the question for half credit
  • any additional attempts at a missed question will have no point value
  • all answers and feedback are displayed at the end of the quiz

Instructors should familiarize themselves with this grading scheme before enrolling students, and make changes as appropriate.

Moodle allows instructors to attempt quizzes multiple times in order to see how these settings will affect the student experience. Instructors can also change to "student" view by using the "Switch Role to...." dropdown box in the upper right corner.

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