LMS-Specific Course Downloads

The information in this article, while not invalid, has been superseded in most cases by the improved compatibility of our IMSCC files


We try to provide all courses in IMSCC format, but in some cases an LMS-specific course export is necessary. Depending on the course, we offer course backups for several common LMSes:

  • Moodle v1.9 / 2.1+
  • Angel v7.2
  • Blackboard v9.1
  • Desire2Learn

These course archives do not contain the course media, but rather link to content on our servers. They are course backups created without student data, which should install readily in the LMS version they were exported from. In some cases they may be forward compatible as well.

The most expedient way to isolate these LMS-specific resources is as follows:

  • Login at 
  • On the main menu, click Implementation Resources >> Content Downloads 
  • In the Category dropdown menu, choose your LMS
  • Click "Apply"

Now you will see the list of course archives available to your institution. Please keep in mind that IMSCC exports are compatible with many LMSes. 

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