How does a student get feedback on homework and practice tests in Algebra 1A and 1B?

There are two ways a student can get feedback:

  1. After answering the questions, the student can press the "Submit Homework" button. This will provide immediate, in-course feedback for the student on the answers s/he has given.
  2. The "Print" button will print out the homework in a hardcopy format, which can be completed and turned in to the teacher for grading/feedback.

If you'd like students to submit their score so you can record it in your gradebook, you can have them take a screenshot of their score (which will display after clicking the "Submit Homework" button). You can either have them submit this as an email attachment, or you can create a corresponding assignment in your LMS that allows for a file upload, and then you'll be able to record a score in your gradebook for that assignment. Optionally, have your students print the screen which displays their score and turn in the hardcopy.

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