Which NROC courses are available as Moodle 1.9 backups?

Many of our contributed courses are available as Moodle v1.9 backups. Some have been created in-house, and others have been provided by members.

The courses in the "planned" list are slated to be created in-house in 2012. The courses listed as "not planned" are only available as content masters, and we do not have the resources to build these in Moodle. However, if your institution wants to build these courses and share them back with the NROC community, it would be greatly appreciated.

Available Moodle v1.9 Backups Planned Moodle v1.9 Backups Not Planned for Moodle
Member contributions welcomed.
AP US Government and Politics
AP US History I
AP US History II
AP Calculus AB I
AP Calculus AB II
AP Calculus BC I
AP Calculus BC II
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics B I
AP Physics B II
AP Physics C I
AP Physics C II

American Government
High School American Government
US History I
US History II
Environmental Science
Introductory Physics I
Introductory Physics II
College Preparatory Physics I
College Preparatory Physics II
Introductory Calculus I
Introductory Calculus II
Non-Majors Biology
Religions of the World
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Calculus I
General Calculus II
Statistics for Social Sciences
Elementary Algebra
General Calculus I (Spanish)
General Calculus II (Spanish)
Algebra IA (Spanish)
Algebra IB (Spanish)



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