Will NROC content work on my iPad or Android tablet?

The answer varies with the device operating system, and the specific NROC content you wish to run.

Basic Information

Apple devices run on iOS and do not support Flash. Likewise, Flash has not been supported for the Android operating system since the release of Jelly Bean (v.4.1).  

NROC content includes a mix of Flash and non-Flash based media. In some cases, we have converted Flash media elements to non-flash versions and offer both versions to our users. New NROC content is being developed and curated with mobile compatibility in mind; however, we will still support Flash-based content as needed to support our mission. displays a mix of Flash and non-Flash media.

To display on the non-Flash media available at, use the mobile version of the site ( For iOS devices, attempts to automatically route you to the mobile version. Android users will need to go directly to

The links to full NROC courses are not available at the mobile version of HippoCampus.

NOTE: Android devices will display the links, but will not properly play the Flash content in the courses; possible exceptions are older versions of Android or newer versions in which Flash has been installed. We do not directly support those modified devices.

NROC members and non-members can link directly to available content by using the "link" icon at the bottom of any HippoCampus video object.

NROC Math Courses

The Topics in NROC Math Courses rely on Flash technology to provide the interactive Warm Ups, Practice and Review problems and therefore will not display on devices that do not support Flash. We do provide non-Flash versions of the Presentations and Worked Examples from these Topics.

NROC Members can log in at to to view a spreadsheet containing the links (URLs) for all of the Flash and non-Flash course elements (search for "Hippo Links for Members"). These URLs can be used for creating iOS compatible courses without the interactive components that are found in the standard course installations.


The EdReady dashboard and assessments (the "pages" of the EdReady site) will function on iOS and Android devices, with some user interface differences as compared to desktop use (i.e., the way the students interact with buttons, dragging, etc., will be device-dependent).  

The study resources, however, will be different on iOS and Android devices. Students will see only the non-Flash content. With NROC-developed resources, this means they will only be able to watch the Presentations and Worked Examples. They will not be able to study with the interactive components (i.e., Warm Ups, Practice and Review problems). Other (non-NROC) resources in the EdReady library will be available or not, based on Flash-requirements.

We always appreciate feedback from members, so if you have any information from testing your own devices with our courses, please share your information in our community forums for others to benefit from.


NOTE: Mobile device users may wish to consider a Flash-capable mobile browser to view NROC courses. Commonly used Flash browsers include (but are not limited to) Photon, iSwifter, Dolphin, and Puffin. These browsers may not work on all devices and are not tested or supported by NROC, nor do we make any assertions about their fitness for any particular use. 




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