Why did the SCORM object fail to report a grade to the gradebook?

If your course has been properly installed and has SCORM reporting capabilities, you are accustomed to seeing a grade recorded when a student completes a topic. However, on occasion, a student states they have completed the work, and received a score, but it does not show up in the gradebook.  There are a wide variety of possible causes because of the complex interaction of technologies that must take place for the score to be reported.

This article will explain one cause which can be easily remedied, as well as some possible workarounds to assist students who are concerned about losing their work. Please see this article for additional technical information.

There may be a "time out" function in your LMS which logs the user out if they are idle for a period of time. This can cause a problem for some students. For example: If a student is working on a topic, takes a break (leaving the topic "on" in the browser window) and comes back later, they can finish the topic and it will display their score and they think the score has recorded to the gradebook. However, unbeknownst to the student, they were actually logged out and no score is recorded. This should cause a pop-up window to appear, but due to a variety of browser settings, it does not display in all circumstances.

The solution lies at the administration level in your LMS. Your LMS administrator will need to locate the "time out" or "session length" setting and make it as long as possible, or set it to no limit.

If your students are concerned about losing their work, you can recommend they keep track of their answers as they go so if they have trouble at any time and have to start over, they can easily re-input their answers. They can also take a screenshot of their final score, and submit that to you as proof of completion.

There are many other technical factors that may come into play and cause the same problem. Please see this article for additional information.

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