No Score Recorded for a Topic: Some Possible Causes

This topic applies ONLY to SCORM enabled courses in Moodle 1.9, where the Review scores are expected to pass a score to the LMS gradebook. 

We occasionally receive reports of a student's score not being passed to the gradebook. This is not a flaw in the course, but rather a failure of some piece of the complex interaction between javascript, Flash and the LMS. Unfortunately, there are so many variables that it is difficult for us to troubleshoot but we have gathered a few resources which we hope will point your technical team in the right direction.

Some of the potential causes are:

- Javascript is not running, or has crashed.
- Browser security software may be enabled.
- Pop-up blockers may be interfering.
- The network may be too busy.

Possible solutions are:

- Be sure javascript is enabled in the browser.
- Try using a different browser.
- Disable or change settings on your security software.
- Disable pop-up blockers.
- Retry when the network is less busy.

Your LMS settings may be an issue as well:

- Be sure that the grading method or type for the SCORM object is set to a score-based option with a point value (e.g., highest grade, sum grade, average score.... but not "learning object").
- Check your LMS' "time out" setting.  If the student is idle for a period of time, they may be logged out and not realize it.

If you are using Moodle (or even if you aren't), you may find some guidance in the forums:

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