SCORM Reporting Scores to LMS Gradebook

There are two types of SCORM objects: topic level Review questions and Tutor Simulations.

These can, under certain installation scenarios, pass a score to the LMS' gradebook. This requires an LMS that implements SCORM 1.2 ( In our experience, only Moodle 1.9 has reliably implemented this functionality.

If your installation scenario supports SCORM, here is what you can expect from NROC's Algebra and Developmental Math (standard) courses.

  • For Topics, the Review section provides a score that represents overall understanding of the concepts presented in the entire topic. 
  • In Tutor Simulations, the final score represents the overall performance on each of the questions presented.
  • The score returned is a number between 0 and 100 corresponding to the percentage of correct answers to each question. Partial credit is given for some question types.

NROC provides documentation for setting up a local SCORM implementation for Moodle 1.9 in our Moodle installation guides. You can find these by logging in at the home page, clicking on Implementation Resources, then going to the Documentation section for Algebra or Developmental Math.

SCORM connections have not been tested or documented for any other course management systems.

Please note: Moodle 2.x does not have a local IMS repository feature, so SCORM objects will not transmit a score in this environment. One of our members did have success with SCORM functionality in Moodle 2.1 by upgrading an existing 1.9 installation (with functioning SCORM capabilities) to 2.1. This member was hosting in Moodlerooms. Another member reported success in manually creating a single course with SCORM functionality in Moodle 2, but was not able to replicate that course for additional sections, making it an impractical solution. We at NROC have not tested these particular scenarios, and therefore cannot recommend or support them, but we share the information for those who are seeking possible solutions.

As of Moodle 2.4, SCORM functionality is being retired completely.


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