Will NROC courses work on Chromebooks?

We have unofficially tested some NROC resources on Chromebooks, and some users have reported successful experiences.

It is our understanding that Chromebooks support Flash, but do not run plugins such as Java. 

On this basis, we anticipate no issues running NROC Math courses and most of the content on, as the media presentations are built with Flash.

However, some content on may not run on Chromebooks, as it requires the Java plugin. Specifically, this would include the Environmental Science labs, and some PhET content.

Please keep in mind that the Chrome web browser running on a PC or Mac is not the same as the Chrome OS running on a Chromebook. Testing in the Chrome browser will not necessarily reproduce the same experience you will have on a Chromebook system.

If you have experiences with our content on Chromebooks to share back with the NROC Community, please reply in the comments section below.

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