Can students use EdReady on an iPad or mobile device?

EdReady can be used on any Internet-enabled device, including iPads, other tablets, and smartphones.

The EdReady library contains many resources, all of which are appropriate and aligned for student learning needs, so we believe that EdReady can be used effectively regardless of the device.

Note that NROC has not built an EdReady app, so the only access to EdReady is via a browser.

Also, while EdReady is usable on any device, we have not necessarily optimized for the experience on every device. This means that certain features and functions may be harder to use, though we are not aware of any cases where they cannot be used at all.

For more information about using NROC resources (including EdReady) on mobile devices, please see this article


Note: the NROC Developmental Math materials, which form the foundation of EdReady, were originally Flash-based and not available on devices that did not support Flash. These materials have since been converted to HTML5 (as of 11/1/16) - you can find more details here.  


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