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After logging in, the first screen you will see is "Class Settings". This screen allows you to set important options for how your students will interact with the PreAssessments.


On the Edit Settings page, you have several options that affect how the pre-assessment is experienced by your students.


Class Name

This is a label that only applies in the NROC Course Manager. It will be automatically assigned based on the name of your course set in your LMS, but it can be changed here to avoid confusion if, for example, there are other courses in your institution with similar names.

Primary Instructor

The instructor can reassign the course to another instructor by choosing a name from the list. The NROC Course Manager Administrator can assign the course to an instructor who does not yet have a Course Manager login by using the Create a New Instructor link.

Note: There can only be one Primary instructor per course. If you are not the NROC Course Manager Administrator for your school, changing the Primary Instructor will prevent you from seeing reports for students in this course.

Additional Instructors

The instructor can grant access to this course to one or more other instructors by selecting an instructor name from the drop-down list clicking Add. The NROC Course Manager Administrator can add an instructor the course who does not yet have a Course Manager login by using the Create a Additional Instructor link. Additional instructors can be removed from the course by clicking the Remove button next to the name of the instructor you would like to remove.

Note: Additional Instructors have access to all of the tabs in the Course Manager EXCEPT the Class Settings tab. Only the Primary instructor can access the Class Settings tab.


Pre-assessment Type

The pre-assessment evaluates learners on several groups of learning objectives. There are two ways this evaluation can be delivered:

  • Quick – In this scenario, only one question is asked for a group of learning objectives. No follow-up questions are asked if the learner selects the wrong answer.
  • Detailed –  In this scenario, each learning objective has multiple questions. A high-level question, which covers multiple learning objectives, will be asked first. If the learner selects the wrong answer, a follow-up question is asked for each objective. This can substantially increase the amount of time the student spends testing, but it gives a much more detailed picture of the student's level of mastery.
  • None - Turns off pre-assessment functionality entirely, for all units.


Retake Pre-assessment

  • Allowed –  Students can take the pre-assessment multiple times. The highest score will prevail.
  • Not Allowed –  Students can only take the pre-assessment once.

Retake Topic Review -

  • Allowed - The student can take the topic review multiple times. The highest score will prevail.
  • Not Allowed - Students can only take the topic review once.

Student Request Help Via Email

Turning this option on will display a "contact" button in the course media that allows the student to contact the instructor via email. The email will include information on where the student was working at the time, so the instructor can provide assistance. The email will go to the address registered for the instructor registered with the NROC Course Manager. 

Mastery Score

As the instructor, you can determine the mastery score required to pass a Topic. This setting affects both the Pre-Assessment itself, and the Topic Review in the course. The default is 80.

*Be sure to Save Changes when you are done setting your options.*

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