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Scopes Tab Overview

This tab is where you indicate the scopes that will be available to students who pursue this goal. Each scope becomes a Study Path for students. You’ll notice that the scopes in your EdReady version are listed in two categories:

Selected Scopes:
These are all the scopes that are associated with this goal. If the checkbox in the Active scope name is on/checked, students will see & be able to work on this scope.

If you have multiple scopes/study paths associated with your goal, the order they display here doesn’t impact the student display. Students will initially see scopes/study paths listed in alphabetical order, but after working in a study path, they will see items listed in order so their most recent work is listed first.

Available Scopes: 

These additional scopes that are in your EdReady site, but are not associated with this goal.

Note: if none of the listed scopes meets your needs, visit the scopes tab on the main administrative dashboard to create a new scope, then return here to add it to this goal.


Adding a scope to your goal

  • Scopes can be added to this goal by clicking the Add link (under the Actions column) in the available scopes list: the scope will then be added to the selected scopes list


Removing a scope from your goal

  • Scopes can be removed from this goal by clicking the Remove link (under the Actions column) in the selected scopes list
  • Note: If students have completed work in a scope/study path, you will no longer be able to remove it from this goal; however, you can hide the scope from future student use by deactivating it using the checkbox.


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