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You have the ability to customize the congrats messaging that students see when they hit the target score for their assessments in EdReady. Students will see this message on-screen and will also be emailed a copy (to the email address they use as their EdReady username).

It is important to note that since this messaging is defined at the goal-level, all assessments that are available under a single goal will use these same settings. If you need your assessments to provide different messages to your students upon completion, you’ll need to put them in separate goals.

You can set the following properties:
Note: depending on whether or not you are using the study options functionality, some of these options may not be available for your goal.

  • Main Title: this is the main ‘Congrats’ message that students will see. If you are using the study options functionality, you have the ability to choose the “? for ?” option, where the second question mark will be replaced by the student’s target school.
  • Additional Links:
    These links will be displayed to students beneath the ‘What’s next?’ header, which displays just beneath your congrats message
    • Change study options to set a new goal: if on/checked, students will have the ability to return to the study options page and choose a different school & associated target score to work towards. This will only be an option if you are using the study options functionality.
    • Return to your list of assessments: if on/checked, clicking this link will take students back to the assessments page for this goal. If you have only one assessment in this goal, we recommend that you leave this option off/unchecked.
    • Continue studying and improve your score: if on/checked, students who click this link will automatically have their target score increased to 100 and will be able to continue to work in their study path.
      • Note: we recommend that this setting is always On, unless you have a reason you wouldn’t want students to be able to increase their mastery level.
    • Allow students to keep studying after reaching 100% mastery?: if on/ checked, this will allow students to keep accessing their study path (to view the available resources and re-test themselves), even after they hit an EdReady score of 100.
      • It is important to note that students who re-test themselves may see their EdReady score go down, if the test does not show that they still have mastery of the included material.
      • Note: we recommend that this setting is always On, unless you have a reason you wouldn’t want students to be able to be able to always access their study paths.
  • Custom Information/ Links:
    Note: both of these fields are optional and do not need to be used. Both fields allow for the use of html, so you can include images, links, etc
    • Congrats Message: this message will be displayed to students directly beneath the main title and above the ‘What’s next?’ list of links. You can use this as a place to provide customized congrats details for your students (what does it mean for them to have hit their target score?) but also to provide a call to action (what should they do – maybe even outside of EdReady – now that they have hit their target score?).
    • Custom Instructions: any information you enter here will display as the first item under the ‘What’s next?’ heading. If there are any links you want to present to your students, (ex: encouraging them to reach out to their counselor or the school testing center) this is a great place for them.


How the Congratulations Page will display to your students:

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