Copy an Existing Goal

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To copy an existing goal, click the Copy link for any goal in the goals table.

A pop-up window will appear, confirming that you want to copy this goal:

Click Yes to continue with the copy, No to cancel. If you continue with the copy, a new goal will be created that has almost all the same properties as the original. The Instructions, Description, Access Type, Goal Type, Study Options, Assessments, and Congratulations Page settings will all be copied and idential to the original goal.


The following items will be different from the original goal:

  • Active will be off/unchecked and Exclude from Reports will be on/checked.
  • The Goal Image from the original goal will not be copied and the new goal will have the system default image.
  • The Name will have 'Copy' at the end: each goal must have a unique name, so your new goal cannot have an identical name to the original.
  • Goal Access Code will also not be copied and will be populated by a system-generated value.

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