Create a New Goal

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There are two ways you can create a goal in EdReady:

  1. Create a new goal from scratch (below)
  2. Copy an existing goal in your EdReady version


Create a New Goal
To add a goal, click the Create New Goal link above the goals table.

You will be taken to the General Information tab (more details here) where you will enter most of the goal properties. Click the Create Goal button for the other tabs & fields to appear. For example, you won’t be able to specify the Goal Access Code (Key) or the Goal Image until after the goal has been saved.

It is also important to note that your goal cannot be active unless it has active assessments associated with it, so you will not initially be able to activate it. After you add at least one assessment on the assessment tab (details on how to do that here), you need to return to the General Information tab and make your new goal Active if you want it available for student use.

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