Understanding Assessment Properties

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Before getting into the details of how an assessment is created, it is helpful to understand the parts of an assessment. Click the Edit button for an assessment listed under EdReady Version Assessments to see its underlying details.

There are five main components to an EdReady Assessment:

It is important to note that most assessment information is not editable once there is student data associated with it. It would be confusing to ask students to work towards a moving target, not to mention technically challenging, so most details will become locked down once an assessment is in use. If an assessment is no longer editable, you’ll see a message like this:

EdReady has no way of knowing if student data is true student information, or if it was just demo/test student data generated by your staff – in both cases the assessment will be locked down. For this reason, we suggest you take advantage of the Guest access capabilities for all your testing needs. 


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