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Assessments are the heart of what your students will work on in EdReady. They are used to specify the expectations of what materials your students should know and form the basis for the study paths your students will work on. Students see assessments in the context of goals and the reports give details on student progress on an assessment-specific basis.

This tab allows you to add and edit assessments for your EdReady site:

The assessments in your site can be sorted & filtered to easily allow you to find the specific one you’re looking for. To limit the assessments displayed, enter text in any of the available filter textboxes or make a selection for the filter dropdown: the list of assessments below will automatically update to only include those that meet the filter criteria. Searching by tags is also available across all the assessments. 

You can also sort the displayed information by clicking the arrows in each column header: click once to sort alphabetically ascending (A-Z) and click again to sort descending (Z-A).

You can edit the columns displayed on-screen here by clicking the "+" button above the table. (More information on how tables in EdReady are displayed can be found here.)

The information displayed in the EdReady version assessments table is also available as an Excel download – just click the Email Data button above the table to have the file emailed to you. You have the option of emailing a filtered version of the report, showing only the columns you have selected, or an unfiltered version including all of the available columns in the table.


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