NROC English: Course Manager: Reports Tab

This tab provides the instructor with access to a student progress reports. The Unit Progress report opens by default when the tab is opened. The Peer Reviews report is available by clicking the Peer Reviews link.

Unit Progress Report


The above screenshot shows the Unit Progress Report.

This report is generated in real time when the screen is first accessed, so it may take a few moments to populate the table. A "Loading..." message will display in place of the "Refresh Data" button while the table is being populated with data. The "Refresh Data" button can be used after the page loads to update the view with the latest submissions.

The Unit can be selected from the drop down menu, and the "Download as Excel" button will download the report in .xls format directly to the local computer.

For each student:

Total Time is displayed as hours:minutes:seconds and represents the entire time the student is logged in to Developmental English and working in the currently displayed Unit (as chosen from the drop down menu).

My Journal provides a link to the student's My Journal for the instructor to directly view the student's work.

Introduction, Pre-Reading, Active Reader, Post-Reading, and Pre-Writing correspond to the elements of the course listed on the Home page of the student view. These elements are marked Completed, In Progress, or -- (indicating that the student has not started that course element).

Review displays the student's score on the Unit Review. The Review scores are color-coded relative to the Mastery Level set by the instructor on the Class Settings tab. Click the Review score to show details about how the student scored against each objective.

Writing Center Status provides a link to the student's work in the Writing Center, as well as an indicator of progress, such as First Draft Review, Second Draft, or Complete.

Writing Center Options ("Reset" feature) provides a link to reset a student's work in the Writing Center to the prior state. If you have a student who submitted a First, Second, or Final Draft and you would like the student to resubmit the work, you can use this link to reset the students work to the state it was in just before the draft was submitted. Note that any reviews of the submitted draft will be lost. This includes self-reviews, instructor review, and peer reviews. Do not double-click: each click resets to the previous state and it can be done more than once to revert the student back several steps. This feature should be used carefully; it is permanent and cannot be reversed. 

Writing Center Final Grade displays the grade given by the instructor and provides a link to the Final Draft. When clicked, the linked text of the Writing Center Final Grade column displays the student's writing assignment along with the grade given by the instructor and the instructor's comments. The comments are linked to the corresponding text in the writing assignment. When the plus sign (+) next to any Instructor Review comment is clicked, the comment will display and the corresponding text will be highlighted.

Peer Reviews

Note: Peer Reviews are activated on the Class Settings tab of the NROC Course Manager. The number of peer reviewers is also controlled on the Class Settings tab.

When Peer Reviews are active for the selected Unit, this tab will display Peer Review assignments and progress.

The instructor clicks on the name or date of any completed review (see key at the bottom of the report) in the Peer Review to see the actual review in the context of the student's work. The instructor can also click reviews that have not been completed to change the assignee or cancel the review.


Unassigned Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviews may be unassigned (indicated by "empty" in the table) if a peer reviewer is not available when the student completes a draft with Peer Review assigned to it.

This can occur if:

  • all other students have already been assigned their allotted Peer Reviews (set on the Class Settings page) when the student completes a draft, or
  • if a student completes a draft before other students have started working with the course and, therefore, are not yet enrolled in the Course Manager.

Overdue Peer Reviews

If a peer reviewer does not complete a review in the allotted time period (set in the Class Settings tab), the review will be marked as overdue and the reviewee will no longer be blocked from proceeding.  

The reviewee is notified (via a message in the context of the course itself) that Peer Reviews are complete, and s/he can move on in the course without the feedback from the assigned peer reviewer. The reviewee might notice fewer reviews than expected, but there is no specific notification that peer reviews were not completed by other students.

The overdue reviewer is not penalized or notified.

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