Assessment (Post-Initial Diagnostic) Messaging

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If you would like to provide messaging to your students after they complete the Initial Diagnostic assessment, this can be set up on the Assessment’s Messaging tab.

To enable Messaging, click the ‘Add message after initial diagnostic’ Enable button:

The page will refresh to include all the messaging options:
Any details you include here will show up to all students who complete the initial diagnostic for this assessment, for any goal the assessment is in.

You can customize the messaging in the following way:

  • Include summary header: having this checkbox selected will display the summary title (with assessment name, goal name, and initial diagnostic score). If you turn this off, the only messaging students will see will be the details you include in the Content section
  • Content: indicate the custom messaging you want your students to see. This field is required and accepts html.
  • Add more email recipients: if there is anyone (besides the student) who should receive a copy of this Message when the initial diagnostic is completed, click this link to reveal the Other emails input. Note that the email for every student will be sent to the included email address(es), regardless of which goal the student is working in.

  • On-screen: select this option if you want students to see this message on-screen when they complete the initial diagnostic. This message will appear in a pop-up window before the student sees the results of their initial diagnostic
  • Email: select this option if you want students to receive a copy of this message in their email (message will be sent to the email address they use to login to EdReady)
    • There is currently no way to send the email to the 'other email' recipients only - if selected, the student will always receive this email

Be sure to Save this page to save your changes.


How the Assessment Messaging displays to students:



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