The Grade Service is now the NROC Course Manager

We decided on the new name NROC Course Manager to better reflect the range of features that have been developed to support NROC Developmental English and include those that already exist to support NROC Developmental Math.

How will this change affect NROC members?

There is no technical change being made to the former Grade Service; this is strictly a name change. There is no need for NROC members to take any action.

Awareness of the following items may prove helpful:

1. Finding Help Content.

If you are searching for help content about the Grade Service, please search for "NROC Course Manager" instead.

2. In-course Links

The in-course link for instructors to manage their courses was slightly different at the time of publishing each course that use the former Grade Service. These links have not been changed from the originally published titles.

They were published and remain as follows:

  • Developmental Math with Pre-Assessments: Course Configuration and Reporting
  • Developmental English: Course Management and Reporting

A future update of Developmental Math will make the switch complete by changing the link title to Course Management and Reporting.

3. Documentation

Documentation is being changed across all of our NROC systems through the months of September and October 2015.

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