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EdReady is a powerful tool for career readiness, in addition to college readiness. To help support our members in using EdReady with students who are pursuing a career-focused path of study, we have created the EdReady Pathways. 

The pathways are 152 assessments available for cloning by anyone who has permission to Manage Scopes in their custom EdReady site. Just like the other scopes available in EdReady, the scope of expectations has been pre-populated with our math subject-matter experts' recommendations, but you can edit as is appropriate for your audience. 

To access the pathways as an administrative user:

  1. Navigate to the Scopes tab
  2. Click the Create New Scope button
  3. Select the pre-loaded scope option
  4. The list of pathways will be automatically included in the list of scopes available to you
    --You can filter by name, or search by tag (by category and degree/ certification type) to find the career pathways you're interested in

(More details on cloning scopes can be found in the user guide here.)


If you want to see what math concepts have been included in the pre-defined scope, clone the pre-loaded scope for the pathway you are interested in. Then, navigate to the Customized Scope tab and click the Email Data button to have an excel file with the scope details emailed to you. 

To help you customize these pathways for your students, we also have pathways-focused ready-to-use goal images available in our EdReady Media Toolkit (goal images can be found under the "Style Guide" section.)


We introduced the Pathways at our Implementation Office Hours on 11/3/15 - you can watch the recording below:

The full list of Programs included can be found here

For more information on the development of the Pathways, enjoy this Webinar: Math Readiness for Career Pathways

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