Instructors Sharing Courses in the NROC Course Manager

The NROC Course Manager is designed and tested for use in co-teaching scenarios, using a shared email address and shared login credentials. 

We offer the following guidelines and suggestions for sharing credentials:

  • We expect instructor credentials to be shared with more than one person at the institution, because the NROC Course Manager system does not recognize multiple usernames or IDs. The system only recognizes the role of the user who has logged in, and provides information and interactions appropriate to that role.

  • Technically speaking, instructor credentials function properly in a shared teaching environment. Multiple users can be logged in to the NROC Course Manager system at the same time without any software issues, and record locking to handles any conflicts that would otherwise arise.

  • In NROC English, feedback (grading) by different instructors under the same login can be manually signed (by typing your initials or name at the beginning or end of the feedback) just as you might initial or sign a piece of paper that a student turned in.

  • Instructors should register team-taught courses under a special shared login just for that team. Each instructor can have his own login for classes he teaches alone, as well as each team having a shared one (such as "English Team" or "Jones-Smith") with a shared password that does not match anyone's personal password. (See example below.)

  • The email address associated with the shared account can belong to an individual, or can be a shared email address, such as "". The email address is used only for sending password resets. Since password resets can also be handled manually by the Administrator login, this team email address does not necessarily have to exist as a real mailbox.

An example:

Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith each teach an English class alone, and they co-teach a class. When Mr. Jones registers his solo class, he creates creates a login for the NROC Course Manager in his own name. Mrs. Smith does the same. For the class they are team-teaching, either of them can register the class by creating a new instructor named "Jones-Smith" for which they will share a password. When Mr. Jones logs in to the shared class and provides feedback, he signs his feedback with "- Mr. Jones". When Mrs. Smith provides feedback in the shared class, she follows it with "- Mrs. Smith".


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