Administrative Users: Sessions

IMPORTANT: This feature was enabled at 10PM Pacific on Aug 26, 2016. You will only see sessions that occurred after this date listed in this table.

EdReady tracks each session executed by a student or an administrator. A session is defined as the period between logging in and logging out (or being timed out). Each session is shown on its own row and the following fields are available for each row:

  • Log In: the date and time the session began
  • Log Out: the date and time the session ended
  • Session Time: total length of time of the session (format: HH:mm:ss)

As with other tables, you can sort and filter using the top section of any column as well.

Coming soon: We will be adding a lot more information to the sessions table to provide a richer understanding of the patterns of student engagement with EdReady. Once these additional columns become available, you will be able to dynamically add or remove certain columns of information for each session by clicking the blue + symbol.

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