EdReady Archiving & Deletion Procedures

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Important Notes

  1. These instructions primarily address student accounts; however, the same steps apply to administrative accounts.
  2. You must have sufficient permissions assigned to you by your local EdReady administrator to complete these steps.

Archiving Students

Archiving a student will render EdReady completely inaccessible to the student. The student will not show up in any reports, nor will they show up in the student list. Their data remains intact, and they can be restored.

To archive a student, go to Edit your EdReady version, click on the Students tab, locate the student in the list, and click the Archive link in the Actions column.



Restoring an Archived Student

To restore a student, you will need to locate the student in the archive first, since they do not display in your list of students.

When you filter on the student's email address or name, the list will appear blank since there are no active or inactive students in the list. 

Open the list of archived students by clicking on the folder icon.


Now the list of archived students will open, and the student can be located by email or name filtering. When you have located the student, click on the Restore link in the Actions column.



Note that if the student was also deactivated prior to being archived, you will need to also re-activate the student's account by clicking on the Edit link in the Actions column, and then the Activate button at the bottom of the student screen.


Deactivating and Reactivating a Student

Deactivating and reactivating also takes place in your Edit Version screen (not in the Reports area). 

  1. Click on the Edit Version tab or button at the top of the page, then select the Students tab.
  2. Locate the student by filtering for their name.
  3. Click on "Edit" in the Actions column.
  4. The "Deactivate" button is at the lower left of the screen. If the student was inactive, the button will say "Activate".


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